We offer over 100 different pieces to paint! Prices range from $20 to $85, so no budget is too big or too small. Average piece price is $24, but will vary based on size. 

The painting process is fun and easy! Simply choose an item, paint, and leave with the manager. All pottery must be fired and glazed in our state of the art kiln before it is ready to bring home. Please allow 5-7 days for this process.

Painters spend an average of 1 hour painting, but large pieces may require more time so please plan ahead. You may also leave your piece at the studio and come back to finish it at a later time. 

The best part about our pottery is that all paints and glazes are non-toxic and safe to use for eating and drinking! To preserve the life of the piece, we advise that you hand wash all dinnerware pieces and not place in the dishwasher or microwave.